Stable and waterproof OpenSCAD case V6.1 by pbtec

Edit December 22: Updated Version 6.1 –> Seems Openscad has in certain circumstances problem with special characters (like ä) in comments…. Created new fixed version 6.1 (Nothing else has changed)

Highly scalable electronic case for 3D printing. Try it out!
Optimized for Openscad Customizer. Activate it under view/customizer and play around 😉

No Support needed to print

For waterproof cases you can use silicone sealing cord with diameters from 1 to 3mm

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round silicone sealing cord foam white

round silicone sealing cord foam black

round silicone sealing solid cord white

To use also without sealing cord. The groove and ridge gives the housing a high stability and tightness.
Use of regular nuts or square nuts
Define outer vertical radius of corners
Echo output in console shows inner and outer size and more
Echo output shows the needed length of the screws
Use screws from m2 up to m5
Default are 4 screws at each corner. For large cases add addtional ones in the middle of both x and y sides if needed
Use several predefined wall mount holder, some with multiple mounting holes (up to 3)

If you use standard nuts you need to pause the printer a certain level to insert the nuts
If you need a stable and waterproof case please print with 100% infill
I’m aware that sometimes, when using too big or too small parameters, there are some rendering issues.To prevent such issues change only one parameter at once and check the result.

I never tested the water proofness of this case. For more information see

For Projects with ESP32, ESP8266, Arduino, Sonoff, IoBroker, IoT. In- and outdoor 🙂

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The latest version 7.0 is currently still in the development phase.
There are the following improvements planned:
– Parameter to add a bit more countersink for the screws
– Nuts on bottom
– Use of tapping Screws (Parker screw)
– Use of Knurled Hot-melt Insert Nut
– Additional cuts to check inside of Screw/Nut

You can find OpenScad File on Thingiverse: